Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Well its been a while since I've posted anything new. I've been busy painting. Busy with yard work, in short, BUSY!

Here's a couple of things I've painted since January!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

First Post of 2017

Well Happy New Year. (I know, it's a little late!) Well I've been painting, and I thought I'd share the results... the first Picture is called Moon in the Garden, and it is the first picture I've painted in 2017.

The second picture is actually the third I've done this year, I call it CafĂ© Milwaukee, and its the first street scene picture I've tried to paint!  Give 'em a click to see the details. 

Hope to make it to Milwaukee soon. Fingers crossed!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Tales of Christmas past

Hello kind reader, and welcome back. Here is a nice tale from 52 years ago; and the still vivid memories it holds for me!

In 1964, there was an early morning puppet show on NBC, unlike anything else on television. It was a children's sci-fi program called Fireball XL5.  The main characters were in no particular order, Dr. Matt Matic, Astronaut/ pilot Steve Zodiac, and the beautiful co-pilot Venus.

It was a really silly show, but as an 8 year old, I was hooked! I mean, I was obsessed!

And then, like it did every year, the Sears catalog, or as us kids called it, the "wish book" came in the mail. Each of my brothers took turns paging through that magical tome, dreaming of heavenly delights. Mine, was the Deluxe Fireball XL5 set. Only $12.95; a fortune in 1960's dollars.

My mom looked doubtful as I showed her my heart's desire again, and again. I dropped more hints than a game of "Clue". I think, I knew at that point who Santa really was. I was resigned to the fact, that I probably wouldn't receive it. (Sigh!)

And then, just before Christmas; I was sitting in my room reading comic books, when I heard a large crash.... I got up to investigate, especially because I heard my mom exclaim several colorful metaphors! Entering the next bedroom, there was mom, picking up spacemen, and rockets and everything else contained in the XL5 box, now inadvertently opened, its contents lying on the floor!

My mouth did the same. Mom looked at me, and said, "You can't say a peep about this until Christmas, or I'm taking it back!" Well, with a warning like that, I was silent as a rock! I swore I thought I'd take it to the grave. Well, 52 years ain't bad!

Here's what that toy in the box looked like!

Thanks mom and dad. You always made our Christmas' magical!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Gate to Toni's Heart

Good morning. Here is the latest painting I've done. As the weather grows colder, I'll be painting more often. Give it a click to check it out!

Monday, October 31, 2016

What's new?

Hi all... Pat here with a late report about what's been happening this fall... Well, to begin with, Toni and I have just returned from Phoenix. We visited with Toni's sister Birdi, and had a great time attending her daughter Brittnay's engagement party, and enjoyed every moment of our stay!

On the home front, we've been busy fighting the battle with the fall leaves, (the leaves are winning so far)! How sad it was to put away the Patio and Gazebo furniture. The thought of Winter already makes me long for Spring!

On the Art front, two pictures to report. One, a new house project recently completed, the other a picture I did for cousin Judy's grand-daughter, Chelsea. It incorporated several loves of hers including the choice of colors, and subject matter. A cat, butterflies and an owl. All done with  bright purples to complement her bedroom! So give them a click to see them closer!

Friday, July 8, 2016

What's New?

Hi gentle readers...Pat here with an update. Not much to write about. It's mid-summer and all is well. I've been cooking on the Green Egg and loving the results. (A little too much, as my waist-line will attest to!) No recent paintings, although I'll be starting up soon. I've been sketching up new idea's and I'll post when I've started my next project.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer. Talk at you soon. :)

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Tea House

Did another painting. I call this one the Tea House.  Give it a click to make it bigger.